Although reality has always been the starting point of art, the concept itself is so personal that it is impossible to talk about one absolute reality. Reality defies a single definition and instead embraces multiple meanings. As challenging as this concept may sound for many, for Alejandro Hermann represents the adventure of life itself, an adventure that fuels the engine of his creativity to travel the road of his imagination.

Alejandro Hermann was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After residing in various locations across Europe over more than thirty years, he finally settled in Marbella, Southern Spain, where he has been living for more than a decade.

His artwork arrived in Spain after achieving international recognition via exhibitions around Europe, in cities such as Salzburg (Austria), Innsbruck (Austria), Lugano (Switzerland) to name a few. In Spain, his work has the distinction of being shown in private, individual and collective exhibitions in different locations such as Sotogrande (Cadiz), Seville, Pamplona, Puerto Banus (Malaga), Sitges and Barcelona, among others.